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The Project HealthDesign blog monitors policy and media happenings that influence the development of consumer -focused IT tools such as personal health records. Innovative design ideas and policy approaches are needed to revolutionize how the health IT and policy communities currently view, design and produce PHRs and PHR systems -- this blog is intended to provide an open forum for exploring this realm. We encourage readers to post their thoughts and engage in a dynamic exchange of ideas around PHRs, the design of systems through which personal health information flows, and the potential for patients to use related tools to improve their health and manage their health care. Lygeia Ricciardi, a health information technology consultant working with Project HealthDesign, will frequently write about health IT subjects and the progress of the Project HealthDesign program and its nine grantee teams.

About Project HealthDesign

Project HealthDesign,is helping to create the next generation of personal health records (PHRs) – smart, consumer-friendly PHR systems that are tailored to help patients manage their health and health care more effectively. The program will design and test interoperable PHR applications that address specific health challenges. The goal is to help individuals and families manage complex health data, improve their health and get the care they need. Launched in 2006, Project HealthDesign is funded primarily by the Pioneer Portfolio of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), with additional support from the California HealthCare Foundation. The program supports nine multi-disciplinary teams to design a suite of PHR applications that provides patients with clear, actionable information to help them manage their health and achieve their health goals. These tools will be built upon a common technological platform to promote interoperability among diverse applications. Beyond just giving patients access to their health information, smart PHR systems will help them manage and apply that data to improve their health, care and quality of life.

About the Author

*Lygeia Ricciardi’s work on this blog is being supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as a part of Project HealthDesign.
Lygeia Ricciardi is a consultant in the field of health information technology (IT) with a focus on PHRs. She believes that IT holds the potential to substantially improve people’s health, learning, and quality of life – and has spent over a decade trying to make that happen. Among her current and former clients are the California HealthCare Foundation, the eHealth Initiative (eHI), Harvard Business School and the Health Privacy Project. Previously, Lygeia was a director of the Health Program at the Markle Foundation, where she was a member of the team that launched the foundation’s health work and a coauthor and editor of several of Markle’s publications, including the Connecting for Health Common Framework.
Lygeia has also worked to bring about social benefit through IT in the private sector, at a learning-based Internet startup, and in the government, as a policy advisor at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Lygeia speaks and writes frequently on health IT; her work has also been featured in publications including Health Affairs and the Journal of AHIMA. Lygeia holds degrees from Wellesley College and Harvard, and has undertaken independent research with technology/learning theorist Seymour Papert at the MIT Media Lab. She has lived and worked in Europe and Africa and is now based in Washington,DC.

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